Shuilam Wong is a wandering creative. Raised in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Beijing, she has developed a need to observe and record her surroundings. She studied illustration at the Camberwell College of Art in London, where she developed her minimalistic and graphic style.

Shui’s practice is deeply influenced by the art of reportage drawing, which documents real events and situations through hand-drawn images. Her subjects are largely strangers in busy public places, such as subways, cafes, bars and live music venues.

Experimenting across various media, her body of work is as diverse as her upbringing. They include print, digital, moving images and live performances.

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Selected Exhibitions and Events


Beautiful Accidents
Fiu Gallery, Shanghai

Better Together Challenge 2019
WCO, PyeongChang

A-Zine Indie Publishers’ Fair
El Nido, Beijing

abC Shanghai Art Book Fair
Modern Art Museum, Shanghai

Peope of Beijing
Big Small, Beijing

abC Beijing Art Book Fair
Times Art Museum, Beijing

Art Battle International
Yue Space, Beijing


PIL, Beijing

abC Shanghai Art Book Fair
Modern Art Museum, Shanghai

Gallium Launch Party
Arkham, Shanghai

Ramo, Beijing

Independent Magazine Fair 2018 Youth Space, Beijing


Better Together Challenge 2017
WCO, Cheongju

C!here Art Crawl
WCO, Beijing

An Art Show Vol. 9
FruitySpace, Beijing

Independent Magazine Fair
Youth Space, Beijing

Vol. 2 Question
Someet, Beijing


Secret 7
Sonos Studio, London


Rock, Paper, Scissors
Hoxton Arches, London